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Re: Joe Editor Inclusion

> > Pity.
> > For "small tasks", I usually use DOS's EDIT.COM - for what else should
> I
> > use?
> vi?

That _is_ the alternative - but I prefer the dos-oriented editors like joe
or pico.
Somebody emailed me privately in the meantime, and we could get to a single
point: there are two groups of users: #1 is the UNIX gurus/purists who have
disliked windows ever since, #2 is the Windows guys who have a reason to use
UNIX as well.
The first group is supported - they get their vi (included). We are *forced*
to use vi as well because it's the only editor available in the standard
distribution - why not support also the people who prefer a dos-oriented
editor? This explains my usage of EDIT.COM.
Of course, I *am* able  to compile stuff and I'd get joe working, but that's
not the point. The point is that there's a part of the Cygwin community
that's not covered at all - the non-purists. And they will definitely like
a dos-oriented editor in the standard (as-is) distribution.


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