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Re: Joe Editor Inclusion

On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 12:18:10AM +0200, Andreas Eibach wrote:
>>>Pity.  For "small tasks", I usually use DOS's EDIT.COM - for what else
>>>should I use?
>That _is_ the alternative - but I prefer the dos-oriented editors like
>joe or pico.  Somebody emailed me privately in the meantime, and we
>could get to a single point: there are two groups of users: #1 is the
>UNIX gurus/purists who have disliked windows ever since, #2 is the
>Windows guys who have a reason to use UNIX as well.  The first group is
>supported - they get their vi (included).  We are *forced* to use vi as
>well because it's the only editor available in the standard
>distribution - why not support also the people who prefer a
>dos-oriented editor?  This explains my usage of EDIT.COM.

Give me a break.  It's hard to believe that this clueless discussion is
still going on.

If someone actually wants to VOLUNTEER to provide this all-important
"joe" editor, then they should step forward.  This is the typical
gimme attitude.  You're using the software for free and think that
somehow gives you a right to complain when something doesn't suit

You might even have a vague case if it wasn't so easy to rectify
the problem.

"joe users are a superstitious cowardly lot, they fear the thought of
learning how to contribute packages.  I shall become a FAQ and strike
terror into their hearts!"


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