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CVS client/server doesn't change LF to CRLF

I thought CVS was supposed to change the line endings of text files from LF
to CRLF when the client is Windows and the CVS repository resides on UNIX.

This isn't happening for me.  When I do a cvs checkout under Windows 2000
using my cygwin version of cvs and ssh of a repository that resides on our
UNIX cluster, all text files still end in LF.  Although my Visual C++ text
editor can handle C++ source and header files with line endings consisting
of only LF, the Visual Studio IDE can't handle the Visual workspace (.dsp)
and project (.dsw) files (which are both also plain text files) with line
endings consisting of only LF.

I'm certain that I am probably doing something wrong, because I know the CVS
client/server LF to CRLF translation feature was added sometime circa 1996.

I have tried doing checkouts of several projects from a few of our UNIX CVS
repositories from my Windows 2000 computer with the same results (i.e. text
files with line endings of only LF, not CRLF).  I have tried the checkouts
from both my cygwin bash shell, and from the MS-DOS prompt, thinking that
there might be a difference.  All of my cygwin directories are mounted in
binmode.  The cvs checkouts I did using the MS-DOS prompt were done in a
completely separate directory structure from my cygwin directories.

Can someone help me understand what is going on please?  Thank you :-)

I've attached my "cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out" to this email.  The
program versions I am using are:

Windows 2000 SP1
cvs 1.11
ssh from OpenSSH_2.5.2p2, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL
Visual Studio 6.0 SP5

Regards, Matt

Matthew D. Langston
SLD, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


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