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Re: Some comments about the current release

Kern Sibbald wrote:

> Hello,
> In loading the current Cygwin software (dll 1.3.1
> and others), in addition to the cygwin1.dll performance
> degradation, while loading the latest version of all
> the other files, I ran into the following problems:
> <skip>
> 3. Thanks for adding pthreads support. It works!  However,
> it would be really nice if you provided a null 
> libpthreads.a library so that we don't have to modify all
> our Makefiles.

Pthreads support was present before. It's just a little more substantial 
now. Your makefiles are broken if they assume that libpthreads.a is the 
library name. On different platforms I have seen
nothing (as cygwin does - libc provides pthread support)

I suggest you fix your makefiles. (Hint: autoconf is a wonderful tool).

> 4. I was including <winsock2.h> in a bunch of header files
> in my .cpp programs which are strictly Windows (no Unix
> stuff) and I got lots of warning messages, which were 
> annoying. In my case, I solved the problem by removing
> the include of <winsock2.h> as it wasn't really needed,
> but it seems to me that there is a problem here that
> needs some attention.

If they are "strictly windows" you might want to look at using mingw to 
build them instead.


> Best regards,
> Kern Sibbald
> --
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