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gcc problem (and cvs)

Information, but take with a grain of salt because I'm frequently 
updating my
working environments ...

cygwin cvs has a bug I'm trying to track down
(i.e. cvs update dir\dir\dir\
reports an error, though the same with forward
slashes works).

I was running debian Linux->vmware->nt4/sp6a->cygwin
with cygwin directory on an imported Samba resource.
Going into source cvs directory and running .\configure etc.
either hung on trying to find gcc or reported that gcc
was not available.  I reported this as confirmation of
a prior gcc error email, though in retrospect there's a lot
going on and I didn't pick apart the pieces. 

Because others wondered whether gcc was susceptible
to some network drive problem I touched up my
cygwin on another pure nt4/sp6a box where cygwin
was on a local d:\ drive.  The .\configure for cvs
ran fine there.

I then shifted my cygwin directory over to 'local'
drive c:\ (i.e. c:\cygwin) on my
debian->vmware->nt->cygwin system and voila,
gcc/configure et al work just fine.

If it's absolutely necessary/useful/critical for someone
else to debug this for me to switch the cygwin dir
back over to my f:\ samba drive and retest let me
know and I'll do it.  Jumping drives was not trivial
though that was mostly due to my ignorance.

Heitzso  or

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