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Cygwin v1.3.1 DLL problems

Have found serious problems using the latest Cygwin version 1.3.1
working with the latest Gnuplot beta 3.8f+, and Octave v 2.1.34.

For Gnuplot the program hangs up (100 % cpu) when trying to plot any
data file. Using gdb I attempted to track down the problem. I found it
had problems reading in an ascii data file after a few lines and then
would abruptly set most of the data to NaN type values. On a separate
computer after I replaced cygwin1.dll version 1.3.1 with dll version
1.1.8 the program appears to work fine. This was with the program
compiled using version 1.3.1.

During compiling with v 1.3.1 I got many warnings that S_IXUSR was being
redefined in gnuplot stdfn.h, and this was the first time this warning
has appeared. Previous versions of Cygwin did not report such a warning.

After compiling Octave with Cygwin v1.3.1, it fails about 50 % of the
test cases that comes with the package. I did not attempt to debug this
large complex program, and I restored everything to Cygwin v 1.1.8 after

I tried a number of things such as reinstalling Cygwin v 1.3.1 from
scratch. I have returned to my original Cygwin v1.1.8 setup from backup
tape on my main computer. It was on my laptop version Cygwin 1.3.1 did I
find that the dll was the likely source of problems.

I will wait until a new version of Cygwin comes out before changing from
version 1.1.8.

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