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Re: Python 2.1 can't find _tkinter.dll. Is there a solution?


On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 07:08:23PM -0700, Dennis Wilson wrote:
> I would be mildly curious about why the pre-built release is there.

Umm...because I contributed it as a courtesy to the Cygwin community.
Note that you don't have to use it, if it does not meet your needs.
As an example, I use my own build of vim instead of the one in latest.

The approach that I have taken is to submit patches to Python CVS and the
other projects to which I contribute instead of attempting to maintain
a set of patches to (re)apply whenever the package is released.

If you would like Cygwin's (contrib) Python to support tkinter, please
submit the approach patches to the Python Patch Manager on SourceForge so
that tkinter is supported OOTB.  Let me know when you patches are accepted
and I will try to apply them against 2.1.  If successful, I will re-release
a modified 2.1 with tkinter support.  Otherwise, I will release a build
of the current Python CVS.

Note that Norman may have already submitted tkinter related patches to
SourceForge so you may want to collaborate with him to get the latest

The bottom line is that I am willing to maintain a set of patches
temporarily but not permanently.  I feel that this a reasonable policy
-- hopefully, you agree too.


Jason Tishler
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