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cvs bug -- also relates to general approach w/ cygwin

I dug out the cvs bug that breaks with
cvs update dir\dir\dir\
but works with
cvs update dir/dir/dir/

There's a function last_component that's
looking for the filename part of a path
and it's looking for the rightmost forward

Coming into this code dir\dir etc is still back slashed
so it breaks.

My question is what is the philosophy behind
porting code to cygwin.  Raw *nix code expects
a forward slash path separator.  So, in this case,
should the argument have been auto converted by
cvs or by cygwin?

I also acknowledge that this may not be a 'bug'
because cygwin executables perhaps are expected
to run in a cygwin shell and be passed *nix

This whole issue came up because netbeans/forte
uses the backslash mechanism when invoking
cvs.  Their take is that they assume backslash is
correct because they're running in a WinXX
environment.  I keep cygwin cvs on my boxes because
cygwin provides ssh/ssl/cvs/etc. in one convenient

I'll do dig into FAQs on this but if anyone
has a quick pointer I'ld appreciate it. 


(no flames please, I will be digging into the
FAQ/doc now)

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