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Re: When will cygwin ever be stable?

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 11:02:00AM -0700, Andy Piper wrote:
>Don't get me wrong - I love cygwin and think Chris and co have done a
>marvellous jobs, but as a user who simply wants cygwin to work well I
>have never installed a version that actually has all the signifcant
>bugs squashed.  Each time I install, something might be fixed but
>something else breaks.  For instance C-c - using C-c in cygwin is
>completely fundamental to its usability and yet it has been fairly
>broken in the last two versions I have installed (1.1.8-2 and 1.3.1);

What does "fairly broken" mean?  I'm aware of only one problem which I
announced a fix for a couple of days ago.

>the headers change the whole time so that trying to maintain anything
>that builds under cygwin is a complete nightmare.

What does "the headers change the whole time" mean?  What specifically
caused you problems?  Was it the move of headers to /usr/include/w32api?

FWIW, the 1.3.1 release of Cygwin was a major release.  That's one of
the reasons that we incremented the middle number.  We expected
problems.  There are problems.  We'll be making a 1.3.2 release soon.

Whether it fixes your problems or not is unknown at this point since I
have no clear idea what your problems are.  Without specific feedback we
can't fix specific problems, so your specific problems are not
specifically fixed.  Perhaps you might want to try a snapshot.


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