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Re: more info on cvs

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 03:48:32PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Technically, I think the cvs protocol itself expects that paths are
>specified using backslash.  However, certain implementations/ports of
>cvs to native windows have relaxed that, so that Windows users can use
>"normal" backslashes when specifying pathnames.  Then, netbeans/forte
>took that laxness as license (or perhaps the developers at Sun just
>said, "Hey, windows -- paths have backslashes -- okay, we'll do that
>What we're left with is this: we can either (a) limit pathnames to using
>only '/' as specified by the spec (which also, BTW, explicitly *allows*
>'\' as a normal char in a filename !!!), or (b) violate the spec and
>adapt cvs on cygwin to explicitly convert '\' to '/' every time.
>The problem is, some remote system to which your local cygwin-cvs client
>talks, might have a file with a *legal* name containing '\'.  What do we
>do then?
>I'm in favor of (b), and treat the "problem" above as another
>windows-ism (like the fact that "aux" is an illegal name on windows but
>is FINE everywhere else on the planet...)
>P.S. Sorry for being slow to respond, Heitzso, but I've been very busy
>with (a) my job (b) cygwin release 1.3.0^H1, (c) ncurses release 5.2-5
>lately. :-)  I "maintain" about 20 packages and it's getting to be
>pretty overwhelming...

I'd actually be in favor of the "do nothing since it isn't broken"

While the Cygwin DLL does try to do the right thing with MS-DOS paths I
don't see any urgent need to adapt every tool that comes with Cygwin to
do the same.  The point of Cygwin is that it is supposed to provide a
UNIX environment.  I certainly don't want to see package maintainers
spending their precious time fiddling with sources to accomodate MS-DOS
(IMO) brain-damage.

Whether you do take time to do this is, of course, up to you Chuck.
I appreciate your maintainership very much but I don't want to add
to your burden unduly.


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