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Re: When will cygwin ever be stable?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 11:33:03PM -0400, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> >>Each time I install, something might be fixed but something else
> >>breaks.  For instance C-c - using C-c in cygwin is completely
> >>fundamental to its usability and yet it has been fairly broken in the
> >>last two versions I have installed (1.1.8-2 and 1.3.1);
> >
> >You are unfortunately correct about the ^C issue.  However, (and this
> >is the really strange thing) it got fixed in the snapshots *prior* to
> >1.3.1 IIRC, but then broke AGAIN at 1.3.1...but is NOW fixed (again) in
> >the snapshots.  I think.  :-P
> WHAT ^C issue?  What are we talking about?????
> The only issue I'm aware of is being unable to stop a cygwin process if
> all of its standard input/output has been redirected.  That was fixed
> a couple of days ago but it was hardly a new problem.

That's the most recent appearance.  Perhaps I'm misremembering, but I
had thought there were several "signal-handling" things that have
cropped up since January.  CTRL-Z not suspending windows apps, CTRL-C
not able to interrupt a process (regardless of whether its I/O was
redirected), ...

I haven't really paid too much attention to those threads, but that was
my recollection.  I have been known to be wrong, however. 
Occaisionally. :-)

Since Andy is the one who has actually observed the problems with both
1.1.8-2 and 1.3.1, perhaps he could clarify?  Andy? ...


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