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Re: Licensing terms

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 08:52:31AM -0400, Clark, Matthew C (FL51) wrote:
> I'm looking for a little clarification about the GPL that covers 
> cygwin, specifically the gcc compiler.  I used to be under the 
> impression that if I modified something covered by the GPL (such as 
> a linux module, or a cygwin tool), then I'd have to make the changes 
> public.  Now it seems that even if I just use/link a GPL'ed object, 
> such as libcygwin.a, I have to make any and all source code I might 
> have compiled under cygwin's gcc open source.  Is this correct?  
> If so, is this specific to cygwin or GPL in general and when 
> did this happen?  

Basically you'll have to release the sources of applications linked
against Cygwin. Except when

- you never release the application since you're using it only
  internally in your office or so. That's the trivial case.

- you purchase a special Cygwin license from Red Hat. For a
  one time fee per project you may distribute also proprietary
  software linked against Cygwin.
  Visit for more


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