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RE: Cygutils Perl module RPMs; XML::Parser, XML::DOM; Unicode

>I could not get XML::Parser to build with the latest win32bin release

Because it's not a cygwin release

>of expat, 1.95.2, nor could I get the source of that version to
>compile. The expat bugs indicate that 1.95.2 might have some cygwin
>Sadly, I have even more trouble getting things like XML::DOM to work

Hmmn! What doesn't work exactly.

>(due in part to failure for testing of libxml-enno-1.02).
>Any suggestions?
>Here's a more detailed summary of the tests:
>XML-Parser-2.30 (worked around)

Try 2.29 or fix this version. The patches are minimal in 2.30.

Nonetheless I don't seem to have any major difficulty with any applications
here. But then again I don't *really* use cygwin for any heavy production
work, though most of the development is done here.

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