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Re: ntsec, passwd, and group issues again

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 02:15:57AM -0700, Steve Jorgensen wrote:
> > The next Cygwin version will not set inheritence for permissions
> > but it can't switch that off automatically for already existing
> > directory trees.
> By next version, I presume you are saying - not what you get right now by 
> running setup.exe, right?


> > The problem is the complexity of the NTFS permissions. It's not
> > easy to understand them and all their effects especially if you
> > only can learn it by the do-it-yourself way.
> >
> Let's see if I understand:
> 1.  My current version of Cygwin is going to have problems on Windows 2000 
> no matter what.  I can turn off permission inheritance on c:\cygwin and 
> subdirectories, but anything created via cygwin will have permission 
> inheritance turned on and will thus be a mangled mishmash.  I presume this 
> is a W2K issue that does not occur on NT.

It should occur on NT4 also. The inheritance set by the current
Cygwin itself should not result in problems unless somebody tries
to create files or folders in folders which are owned by other

> 2.  The next Cygwin version will work right for objects created under 
> Cygwin, but existing directories will be wrong unless I fix them manually. 

That's right.

>  I presume the to do list includes modifying setup at some point to omit 
> permission inheritance when installing files/directories.

Not really. setup.exe doesn't handle permissions at all.
Charles Wilson has written a small perl script which can do that
but I'm not sure how that will go into the next version.
It hasn't been discussed yet.


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