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RE: 1.3.2: Gnu Emacs Ange Ftp Fails

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ayamico Hamasaki []
> Subject: 1.3.2: Gnu Emacs Ange Ftp Fails
> I am using Gnu Emacs on Windows NT, using Ange-ftp to
> access remote Sun workstations. It used to be working.
 Please note that Gnu Emacs is not a cygwin program

> But after I have upgraded cygwin recently, 2 August
> 2001, it no longer works. Whenever I am trying to
> access a remote file in the remote Sun Workstation, it
> just hang. I have to press control-G kill the ange ftp
> command.
> Milliken, Peter has isolated the problem to be in the
> cygwin package. I have gone a step further. It is
> because of the cygwin1.dll in version 1.3.2-1. If I
> replace the dll with the one in version 1.3.1-1, the
> problem goes away.
> Anyone has any clue ??
 I have no clue.  Maybe I would if you supplied some information as to how
cygwin might be involved. Obviously you and Peter are telling ange-ftp to
use cygwin.  How?
 Hint: post the "relevant" lines from your ~/.emacs

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