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Re: ntsec, passwd, and group issues again

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Not really. setup.exe doesn't handle permissions at all.
> Charles Wilson has written a small perl script which can do that
> but I'm not sure how that will go into the next version.
> It hasn't been discussed yet.

Well, it's ugly.  My little shell script can remove the inheritance 
property from a directory -- but that's all.  And sometimes doing that 
causes problem; I've noticed that in some directories after having the 
inheritance property removed, the children (files and dirs) no longer 
have ANY security descriptors and are inaccessible even by their owner.

I had to manually fix these unruly children using the Windows GUI (take 
ownership, reset all permissions, etc).  Unfortunately, every case is 
different. Even on my "single user" box -- just me and 
me-as-Administrator -- different dirs "misbehave" differently.

I really don't think "cleaning up" the colorful mess of security 
descriptors can be done accurately, unless:

you just go with the brute force approach: change ownership of 
everything under cygwin '/' to Administrator.None with perms rw?rw?r-? 
and the bare minimum of "extra" SD's.  But that's NOT something that 
should be done automatically by setup.  Perhaps an executable or shell 
script that users with problems could run -- as Administrator, but it 
shouldn't be a default part of the setup procedure.


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