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Re: Thread Debugging in GDB for Cygwin

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 11:26:04AM +0530, Kiran C wrote:
>    I am using GDB 5.0 on Cygwin(NT).I have tried debuggibg threads but I am
>not able to do so..
>Is such a debugging option available in GDB 5.0 for Cygwin(NT)?
>I wrote a pgm which forked another process.
>After the forking was performed I typed the follwing gdb command.
>info threads

fork != thread

gdb understands threads and has for some time.  fork() doesn't start
a new thread.  It starts a new process.  That's a completely different

>I got a list of two threads.(a * indicating my active thread)
>But when I tired to switch to the other thread using the thread gdb command.
>I  was switched to the other task but..I could not debug it..
>I got an error saying cannot find bounds of function..
>I tried the same using pthread_create function in cygwin..But it too did not

The other thread is a gdb internal thread.  It has nothing to do with fork.


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