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Re:building Python extension modules - crash on import

To follow up on my own post, I've noticed that Python distutils under Cygwin
does not link to /usr/bin/libpython2.1.dll, but rather
to -L/usr/lib/python2.1/config -lpython2.1, which is a different library.

Anyway, when I try this new approach, the linking stage fails due to extra
leading underscores in object files. Since this is the same problem as in , I'll append what
I've done and my problems to that thread.

>I'm trying to build a simple C++ Python extension module under the latest
>The module's name is 'convert'. After compiling convert.o as usual, I
>created a convert.def containing
>	initconvert
>I then used this command to build the dll:
>dllwrap --dllname convert.dll --driver-name=g++ --def convert.def \
>	-o convert.dll -s --entry _DllMain@12 \
>	convert.o $(BOOST_LIB)/libboost_python.a \
>	/usr/bin/libpython2.1.dll
>This creates the dll without problems, but when I try to use it, I get a
>segmentation fault:

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