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GCC configure broken on my system

I have a W2K system with the CygWin tools on it.  I'm trying to compile GCC,
and I can't get either 2.95 or 3.00 to go
This is what I'm doing:

   cd /usr/src
   tar xvfz gcc-<ver>
   mkdir gccobj
   cd gccobj

What I get in response to this last is:

   Configuring for a i686-pc-cygwin32 host.
   Created "Makefile" in /usr/src/gccobj using "mh-frag"
   Assembler messages:
   Error: Can't open /tmp/cci95BX8.s for reading.
   /tmp/cci95BX8.s: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
   *** The command 'gcc -o conftest -O2   conftest.c' failed.
   *** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.

As I said, I get much the same response from both 2.95 and 3.0.  I've
already checked the obvious (to me) like file/dir permissions.  I've tried
running this as "myself" and as Administrator; this made no difference.
I need to rebuild GCC because I want to use it as a cross-compiler.

This has got to be something dumb I'm doing; everyone seems to be reporting
success on compilation of even 3.0!  Help, please...?

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