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Re: 1.3.2: I get a GPF everytime I run SETUP.EXE

>>>>> "Rafael" == Rafael Rivarola Soerensen <iso-8859-1> writes:

    Rafael> ...I need at least to have at least:

    Rafael>   1. GCC 2. GDB 3. Make 4. Sources for SETUP.EXE 5. Binary
    Rafael> utilities 6. Some sort of text editor that understand UNIX
    Rafael> conventinons (otherwise, I could use either XEmacs, Emacs,
    Rafael> or VI through SAMBA from my other Linux box).

Believe it or not, 'wordpad' will honor Unix line endings; I've used
to view Unix-formatted files.  However, I believe it will put in
CR/LFs if any new lines are added to the file.

I would recommend you run drwatson.exe; it's a standard Windows
program that will create a dump of sorts whenever a Windows program
crashes.  It must be run before the program being checked is run.
After drwatson.exe is run, run SETUP.EXE.  You should see a dialog box
come up either before or after you dismiss the GPF dialog.  Dr. Watson
then will create a text file with information regarding the GPF.  In
theory, the bug can then be isolated to source file line, assuming
that a linker map file for SETUP.EXE is available.

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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