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[htdig] Re: htdig no longer compiles correctly on cygwin

At 6:54 AM -0400 7/31/01, wrote:
>  > We have the option now to use Cygwin case-sensitive!
>>  That should make the regex <-> Regex thingy much less problematic!
>The case-sensitivity would be great!

The only case of a file named "Regex" is in the 3.2 code--try the 
current snapshots, which have a renamed htfuzzy file.

>Thank you for your suggestions; I will try them.  Note that I was not just
>referring to 3.1.2B3; after my troubles with that I went back to try 3.1.5,
>which used to compile fine for me, and now gives the broken DB behavior.
>3.1.2B3 gives me a stackdump on htdig, before I even get to htmerge!

I'm not sure what you mean by "3.1.2b3." Do you mean 3.2.0b3? If so, 
please try the snapshots of 3.2.0b4 

As far as going back to a previous version, you did clear out all the 
databases from the 3.2 betas when you started running 3.1.5? Keep in 
mind that pretty much every database has a different format in 3.2.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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