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RE: 1.3.2: I get a GPF everytime I run SETUP.EXE

Try here.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Víctor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen []
>Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 2:37 PM
>Subject: Re: 1.3.2: I get a GPF everytime I run SETUP.EXE
>I might have posted before with a rude tone.  If I did so, I apologize.
>I did not think my tone was rude at the moment, nor do I think it was
>now looking back at my previous posts.  Still, it is very possible they
>where,  or that at least somo of you might have thought they where.  My
>most sincere apologies.
>Now, for WordPad, yes I am fully aware of it being able to read UNIX
>text files, and I beleive it is also able to EXPORT a file to a UNIX
>terminated linefeed format.  However, how about make, gcc, 
>ldd, gdb, and
>Oh..Ohh! I forgot about Dr. Watson!  I will boot back into Windows, run
>drwatson and be right back.....
>Ok, I'm back.  I have attached the file here twice, once in 
>Spanich just
>like it was generated, and the second time with my own translation into
>English.  Still, that's all I can do without any more tools.
>Once again, thanks,

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