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RE: Cygwin version 1.3.2

Hi Kern,

>If Cygwin on WinNT is a different platform from Win9x,
>why don't you distribute two copies of the binaries?

Because all developers take care, that they bind functionality available
only for some flavors of Windows dynamically instead of statically.
Otherwise they would have to provide a lot of different versions. This is
true for 9x and Nt families as well as for functionality introduced in newer
versions of the OS. So, depending on which version of Windows is your Cygwin
host, you may not have full functionality. The differences may be sometimes
subtile, but they exist and are documented.

>Linux whether it runs RedHat, SuSE, or Slackware flavors
>are all called Linux.
>Linux when it runs on IBM hardware on an s390 as
>a VM is called Linux.

Then Cygwin would have to be called Linux too, since it is a port of the
utilities <g>

>For Cygwin, the WinNT/Win98 issue is much more analogous
>to the hardware (i.e. Intel vs s390)
>than it is to the Operating System Name.

The Cygwin layer is strongly dependend on Windows system calls.

>This isn't worth discussing any more. I see we have different
>views on it, which is fine.  I will program around the

Read too late, but I will follow this argument ;-)


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