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RE: tar 'mini'-bug

> Isn't setup.exe able to upgrade cygwin1.dll in place?

Not to the snapshots according to the FAQ.  Hang on, let me try it though...

> I thought it could.  If so, that's by far your best bet.
> This is a Windows behavioral problem, not a cygwin issue.
> On the NT family of OS's, you can't overwrite a DLL that's
> currently in use.  It's locked.  That's why you get that
> message.
> On Windows ME (a.k.a. DOS 9 or is it DOS 10?  I forget.) there
> are no such strict file locking semantics, so in my understanding
> the behavior is somewhat undefined if you try to overwrite a DLL
> on a FAT32 partition when it's currently in use.  I've never tried
> it.  But I would say it's not a wise thing to do ;->

Mmmm, I think you're wrong on that.  I believe ME, crappy as it is, gets
this one thing right and behaves the same as Why2K in that respect, in that
you can't write to an executable file that's in use by the OS.  I'm not at a
ME system right now though so I can't verify that.

> But you can take advantage of the fact that Win32 first
> attempts to load a DLL from the directory where the .exe
> resides before scanning the PATH.  Copy tar.exe and
> cygwin1.dll to some other location, maybe c:\temp.  Then
> run
> bash$ /cygwin/c/temp/tar xvf <filename>
> to get around this problem.  Then go delete your temporary
> cygwin1.dll since you're not supposed to let multiples of
> them reside on your system at the same time ;->

Well right, I can (and do) easily get around it, but my point is that I
don't think tar should be hanging on ME if it's not able to write to a file.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Braemar Inc.
11481 Rupp Dr.
Burnsville, MN 55337

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