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Re: Upper/lower case filenames.

Robert Collins wrote:
> On 09 Aug 2001 03:05:59 +0000, Ron House wrote:
> > Having just tried Cygwin, I notice that 8.3 filenames which are taken to
> > be lower case under Linux are taken as upper case under Cygwin. This
> > means that scripts such as "cp *.cpp ..." and makefiles don't work
> > unless edited. Is there any reason for this design choice?
> Ron, you haven't provided _any_ detail about how you are accessing the
> 8.3 named files - over the network/a fat partition that you have and
> access via dual boot/some other thing.

Sorry about that. I used the setup.exe thingy to install Cygwin from a
mirror on my local HD (Windows 98 FAT). I also have Linux locally on a
dual boot setup, with the C drive mounted as follows:

/dev/hda1  /c  vfat    defaults,user,umask=033,conv=b  0 0

Files written under Linux or Windows in lower case that fit in 8.3 are
all taken as upper case by the Cygwin tools.

> In fact you haven't provided enough detail for a cygwin developer (me)
> to say that you are discussing a design choice, and not a implementation
> choice of yours!

I am not sure what implementation choices I have. The only question I
was aked was whether to use DOS or Unix text files, and I selected DOS,
as the crlf's are fixed by the way I send files from Linux to Windoze. I
noticed the three options on the CYGWIN environment variable for whether
a file is recognised as having the same name, but that doesn't solve the
problem because ls, etc., won't match a ".CPP" file against "*.cpp", so
the files are not included in the list of 'tries' to even get a shot at
being recognised.

Ron House

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