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Re: [CYGWIN] path not set - can't start ipc-daemon

	I was facing the same problem. I added the path c:\cygwin\bin (in
your case ) at the start of the path variable in nt. Then I restarted the
comp and the problem was solved. It didn't work till i restarted the comp.
This method might be crude but it works.

look into /usr/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.1.2.README (if you are already not
refering it ) for further details.


On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Becky Dankel wrote:

)->I'm trying to the get postgresSQL running on Cygwin on my win2k pc.  I put c:\cygwin\bin in my NT path and I put /bin in my Cygwin path.   But the path that is being access by the net start command it not either of those paths.  I can tell because I get a popup message saying that cygwin1.dll is not in my path and it lists the directories that are in the path it is using.  I'm not sure what path net start is accessing.
)->I'd like to understand where Cygwin is getting it's paths, if there is something special I need to do to set paths, if paths are to be set in NT or in .bashrc (Cygwin), and what I need to do to get ipc-daemon started.
)->Thanks for any assistance with this.
)->Becky Dankel

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