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ok, so I got the sources for xinetd-2.3.0 from ran into
some issues on the build (very standard -./configure, make, make
install). however, uint64_t, is undefined. I trace this to stdint.h and
a short thread from last year which indicates that it is not available.

however, on cygwin, the file /usr/include/mingw/stdint.h does exist. my
question is, do I use this or what? If I do, Im not sure where to add
an extra include path for the cygwin platform. I certainly dont want to
hack up the xinetd release package so Im asking for advice here.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 06:28:00AM -0700, Tom Dorgan wrote:
> hello,
> I just finished upgrading a couple of linux boxes to RH 7.1 and found
> the new (to me) xinetd stuff. I was wondering if/how/when that will
> percolate into the cygwin release. Is there a process in place to do
> this at RedHat or is the cygwin stuff waiting for someone (hey, maybe
> me) to do the port and submit it?
  Yep! That's it. The Cygwin net distro is not an RH controlled thing
  (well, mostly) but a community effort.


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