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Cygwin install trouble...

First off, here is how I installed it:
1) Downloaded the setup.exe
2) Ran the Setup.exe and had it download all the files
on th list.
3) Clicked the button conferming that all the
downloads were compleate.
4) Ran the setup.exe again, this time choosing the
"install from local disk" opition.
5) Let it do its thing,waiting till it was done to use
my computer for anything.
6) Read the comfirmation message telling me it was
7) Thought to my self, "Wow, that was easy" (Was I
ever wrong..)

So know that you know I followed the diretions to the
"T", please dont refer me to use the setup.exe
insted-I already did that.

My problem is this-
Every Time I try to run cygwin, it tells me that it
cant be run in windows, and that I need to ok it going
into msdos mode-After clicking "OK" and letting it go
into msdos mode, it continues on it way and looks like
it will work perfectly- but then right befor it should
start, I get the error message "This programe cannot
be run in msdos mode" , them my computer promtly
reboots, and windows 98 second edition boots up like
nothing happened... What the heck is going on? I did
everything the fag told me to, I set it up the
prefered way, via the setup.exe, but it still will not
work- I have no idea WTF is going on- And I got redhat
on another hd, so I know *nix well enough,please help!

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