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Re: Terminal settings for rsh/telnet to remote

My personal preference is to bring the cygwin* entries from my
cygwin box over to the box in question, in my local directory.
Then I do the setenv (I use bash, so its more like 
'export TERMINFO=~/terminfo'), and then I just telnet, or 
ssh into the box I want to use.  The cygwin terminal type seems to 
work just great.....
I have done this on an HP-UX and on a debian linux box.

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 12:24:13 -0700, Bruce Dobrin wrote:

>(using cygwin 1.3.2)
>I know I've seen similar things like this before in this list,  but none of
>the solutions seem to be working for me....
>Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get the rxvt or cygwin
>terminal or something else to work correctly when rsh-ing  to UNIX?  Am I
>doing something wrong (probably)?  Could anyone steer me in the right
>I've been trying for quite some time now to use cygwin terminal and/or rxvt
>and/or xterm for rshelling to the Irix, sun, and linux boxes in my facility.
>I thought rxvt would be the answer,  but I still go through hell trying to
>edit files on the remote system.  In rxvt (x11 and standalone),  and xterm
>usually,  I end up with either spurious characters, improper cursor
>placement,  or  only half a page,  not always initially, but eventually.
>Or,  if I work through these problems,  and log out of the remote machine,
>then the local session is screwy (often refusing to scroll).  as long as I
>don't  launch vi or man,  I'm usually ok...
>examples of things I've tried are:   in a local rxvt window:
>(on local cygwin box)
>setenv TERM rxvt-cygwin
>tset -s rxvt-cygwin
>rsh (UNIX or Linux box)
>setenv TERMINFO ~/.terminfo   (previously setup using terminfo-src-5.2-4)
>setenv TERM rxvt-cygwin
>tset -s rxvt-cygwin
>results here are a bit better than using xterm,  but I still have a hard
>time getting through a file using vi.....
>I searched out  google  "terminal setup rxvt site:cygwin" an "ncurses remote
>terminal site:cygwin" and many permutations of those without coming up with
>a solution that seemed to work.    What am I doing wrong?
>thanks for your time:
>Bruce Dobrin
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