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Re: Automake 1.4l released

Charles Wilson wrote:

> As it happens, Corinna's suggested patch does exactly this 
> -- but only inside the utime() function, AFAICT.  

Oops.  I've been speed reading too many emails this evening.  In FACT, 
there has not YET been a patch submitted for cygwin.  However, according 
to our resident NTFS security expert, a fix (really a workaround of 
Window's problem) will soon be forthcoming, and requires only:

 > a function [in cygwin1.dll] to set write access for the current user

Or at least, we hope so.  This doesn't change the suggestion that the 
problem be fixed (worked around) in both cygwin AND automake, since 
fixing it only in cygwin would require cygwin-hosted maintainers to:

a) upgrade to latest cygwin (1.3.3)  we hope.
b) use NTFS (not available on W9x/ME)
c) use CYGWIN=ntsec

At the very least, these three requirements should be noted in the 
*automake* documentation somewhere, as they relate to maintainer-mode.

> Perhaps the automake docs could mention that as a "requirement" on 
> cygwin?  *Assuming* we can get the behavior fixed. on cygwin/NTFS. which 
> I think Corinna just did.

Again, I spoke too soon.

> But first, I'd like to fix the problems with cygwin on NTFS!  (But I 
> *think* Corinna's utime() change does that...I'll test it in a while)


>> I thought I made this same sentiment pretty clear, too.  I think that
>> automake should include a work around, if possible, and I think that
>> Cygwin should be fixed, if possible.
> Ah...fix both! Not one or the other!

Still think this is a good idea. :-)

However, I agree with Chris Faylor -- none of this is showstopper for 
either cygwin OR automake.


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