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RE: Extremely slow file access under bash

Are you accessing a local drive or network drive?
Is the directory you are working in mounted explicitly?
Or is it an implicit mountpoint such as:

$ mount
  d: on /cygdrive/d type user (textmode,noumount)

And make sure you're not using the older B20.1 style
drive access notation.  In other words you should use
/cygdrive/d/dirname instead of //d/dirname.  The older
//d/dirname notation is first interpreted by cygwin 1.x
as a UNC path, which triggers an attempt to browse to the
"dirname" share on machine named "d".  That can definitely
be slow if there is no machine named "d" on your network,
especially on a slow network (like dial-up).

Or perhaps you have a //d/dirname on your PATH somewhere?
That's slow down the path search to locate "ls.exe" for

Those are things I'd look at first.  If those don't pan
out, please post to the list with more specifics of what
your mount points, PATH, current directory, command you
are running, etc. looks like.


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From: Clark, Matthew C (FL51) []
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 8:34 AM
Subject: Extremely slow file access under bash

My bash shell had recently shown an extreme delay when doing anything
requiring file access, including ls, cp, mv, etc.  It'll sit there for
over a minute doing then nothing, then executing the task in a flurry,
like some sort of floodgate was holding the task back, then suddenly 

My task manager under NT4sp6a doesn't indicate any runaway process 
(cpu usage is <5%), and everything is fine under Windows (explorer
and the command prompt).  So I'm at a loss as to why doing a simple 
'ls' takes over a minute to start.  Can anyone clue me in?  Thanks.

Matt Clark

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