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Re: perl-5.6.1-2 bug

> z78 schrieb am 2001-08-27 15:58:

>I only face stackdump results when compiling or running under 10% system
>resources and not forgetting my own script errors. That was with

That is interesting, all my harddisks have less than 10% free space, but
i have lots of Ram, about 400MB.
At my workstation it is the same problem. More harddisk space here, but
less Ram.

>>>You lucky one, how does this trick work?
>>>For me it stackdumps with exactely the same script:
>It's suppose to work with that simple hello world script. Have you tried
>perlcc'in on a unix perl? The only failures from my experience was indigo
>and active perl. Or a small debugging could help "perl -MO=C,-ofoo.c
>", open up the c file to find the faults and finally "gcc foo.c

Unfortunately i have no access to a unix box, want to setup a linux box
as router the next time.

>>>perlcc 'should' be able to build standalone executables, but
>>>it is the first time i saw now, that it is really able to do so.
>Even though, it's still links to "CYGWIN1.DLL" and"LIBPERL5_6_1.DLL". Don't
>leave your box without them :)
>>>Have you some special environment variables set?
>Nothing special about my envs and vars. May be almost similar to yours with just
>a couple of "CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH" and "C_INCLUDE_PATH" as addition.

Thank you,

I will try harder;)



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