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Re: Profiling with GPROF considered buggy?

Hi Tim!

Tim Prince wrote:
> Unless I am mistaken, cygwin doesn't include any libraries built with -pg.
> When I wish to profile with g77, I build a copy of
> libg2c with -pg as well as building all my code with -pg. When
> I profile numerical code built with gcc, I use a mathinline.h as well
> as a few of my own math functions to avoid spending much time in the
newlib libm.

I'm using standard ANSI-C, no libraries are linked in right now.
What seems strange to me is that the behaviour of the profiler is _so_
different when used under Linux, OS/2 or on completely other platforms
(I tried HPUX, too). Ok, on HPUX the results differ, because it is a
completely different machine, but at least the tendencies are the
same for all of the above and provide very useful information. Not
so with Cygwin or Mingw.

> I can't tell from your message which language you
> are using or whether you expect all the time to be spent in your own -pg
compiled code.

As I wrote previously: The program doesn't communicate much.
It doesn't use libraries. It simply crunches numbers, but some
of the CPU-intensive functions do not appear in the profile. Again my
guess: The time spent in each of these functions for a single call is 
very short, but they are called _many, many_ times. Maybe the timer
is too bad to catch this?



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