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RE: Problems with path resolution

-----Original Message-----
From: "Gerald W. Shapiro" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:10:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE: Problems with path resolution

> I just joined this list, and my question seems similar to Dan's. And
> perhaps it is a mingw group question, but here I go... joining the hoards
> of ignorant newbies bothering the list
> In one of the gprolog makefiles an auxiliary program takes a path
> and a filename as input. Built with cygwin1.dll, fopen() in the auziliary
> program has no problem finding /usr/local/blahblah/foo.h , but using
> -mno-cygwin, the same is not found. If I run the no-cygwin version outside
> the makefile, and provide a relative path, it works fine, but the
> no-cygwin version does not recognize the full unix-style path.  My cygwin
> installation root is c:\cygwin. 
> Is there something dreadfully obvious that I am missing here?
> Gerald

I used to have similar issues with pathnames.
They were resolved when I made my root e:\
instead of e:\something\else.

A non-cygwin Win32 app doesn't understand your
cygwin root.  Making your cygwin root the
"real" root on a drive, you can take advantage
of the coincidence whereupon 


will often be interpreted as 


assuming that you launched whatever it is
you are running from the e: drive.

You may have to adjust / to \ sometimes.

For one thing, this allowed emacs (which
is a straight Win32 app) to jump to the 
appropriate header files for the "next-error" 

(I assume this will work for c: as well;
I just like to have cygwin root on a different


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