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RE: Missing cygwin1.dll efter installing full.exe

Hello Mohammed,

>As it is clear from my subject, I have installed full.exe but
>cygwin1.dll is not there. Particularly I was expecting it under.

Mine is under plain c:\cygwin\bin. Don't know what could have happened
with your install.
Could you shed some more light on what you did?

Did you install from the internet? it might be that some files were
not or badly downloaded.

>I compile:
>% g++ helloworld.cpp -o hello
>what I get is hello.exe ( why an *.exe extention when I am working in a
>unix like environment?)

cygwin makes executables that can be run under plain windows.
That's why it adds '.exe' to it, so you can also run it without the
cygwin environment.

Cygwin is, i think, just made to facilitate the making of programs with 
the use of the GNU toolchain without having to re-invent them 100% to
the windows platform. That's why there is a unix like environment.
GNU toolchain expects some things to be at certain places (/usr /usr/lib)
and windows can not provide these out-of-the-box.

I think the good people from the cygwin mailing list will be far better
at explaining it than I am. :)

Best regards,

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