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Re: problem building program: undef ref _imp__gettext

If you have something, please send it on.  I am/have opened
a project on sourceforge (debian-cygwin), and will endeavour
to learn more about sourceforge as well as cygwin as well as 
debian in this whole process.

On 28 Aug 2001 13:46:46 +1000, Robert Collins wrote:

>On 27 Aug 2001 14:51:05 -0600, Mark Paulus wrote:
>> Ok, I am guilty as charged of the "minimilistic" information.  
>> I am trying to build the debian dpkg source package, in an
>> effort to start a debian-cygwin project.  dpkg does use
>> autoconf, and as such, I ran it in it's default state.  I will
>> try re-running it with the pointers you gave me, and then 
>> see about what it takes to get it to build OOB.
>dpkg requires fifo's last I looked at it. 
>You need to create proper fifos for cygwin _before_ worrying about the
>package per se.
>I'm happy to send a patch for cygwin that has partially functioning
>fifos, but it's quite bitrotted now, and had problems with fork when I
>last looked at it.

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