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Re: unexpected behaviour of 'find' command

At 07:16 AM 8/28/2001, James Nallen wrote:
>I'm running cygwin-1.3.2, setup- on w2k pro in stand-alone mode.
>The following file,
>-rwxr-xr-x    1 Administ None          154 Aug 28 11:43 del_oldfiles.out
>#! /bin/sh
>rm -f '/home/Administrator/oldfiles.txt'
>/usr/bin/find.exe /e/work/DBA_Scripts -depth -type f -mtime -4 -exec rm -f {} \;
>date >> oldfiles.txt
>When this file is executed from the command shell, it executes as expected. When it is executed from a Cron job, the find command seems to do nothing. Anyone know why this is so?

Very likely its because the user running cron is not the same as the user
running the command interactively.  I suggest checking out some of the 
docs for cron and even inetutils to get a better understanding of some
of the considerations to run as other users.

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