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Re: cygwin1.dll

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 12:50:01AM -0600, Ivan Petrovich wrote:
>Neil Lunn a e'crit:
>> I'd like to know what peoples exact facination with putting cygwin1.dll in
>> their Windows system directory is anyway. This should only ever be needed
>The reason is as follows. I am given a Window 98 machine at work to
>perform certain tasks. I am not at liberty to make any major changes
>to the OS installation or the software.

And putting random DLLs in your system directory isn't considered a
major change?

>However, the C programs compiled with gcc under cygwin won't run
>outside of cygwin unless it can find the dll, hence my original
>question.  Even if I end up having to install cygwin on all the
>machines at work to be able to run these programs, it would still be
>beneficial to run them without starting the cygwin shell window because
>my coworkers don't care to use bash or tcsh.  All they want is to run
>the programs.

There is no reason to start bash just to run a cygwin executable.  You
are going to put your programs in a directory.  Put cygwin1.dll in the
same directory.

Problem solved.


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