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Re: On Cygwin package naming and a setup.exe bug

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> If I make an RPM, that does not mean that said RPM is now an official
> part of the Red Hat distribution.  It means that it is a Red Hat Package
> Manager file.

Right.  It's not an official part of the Red Hat distribution.  But it
*is* conveniently installable by the "rpm" tool, or any other tool used
to install Red Hat Package Manager packages.

> Hmm.  Now you've got it.  So, why the above confusion?

Perhaps you can suggest a succinct name for "tar file containing programs
that use Cygwin and installable by Cygwin's setup.exe".  Clearly the words
I used ("Cygwin package", by comparison with "RPM package") are causing
people who already use those words for something else a lot of confusion.

> [Random packages from Al Buonanno, Joe Blaupunkt, and Irene Trumbauer
> aren't official parts of the Cygwin distribution.]

Okay, I think I get your point.

>> As Charles
>> suggested, I can call the file prc-tools-cygwin-2.1.tar.gz
> Actually, I suggested that.  I don't understand why this is horrible.

Both you and Charles suggested this one.  (I'm surprised you don't see
why it is not as nice as it could be.)


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