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Re: On Cygwin package naming and a setup.exe bug

At 19:08 29-8-2001, Michael F. March wrote:
>Is there a reason why all the packages for Cygwin are not
>managed via RPM instead of these compressed tar balls?

For one, a Cygwin RPM would not be able to install cygwin1.dll.  (That's 
why setup.exe is not a cygwin app.)

>Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > If I make an RPM, that does not mean that said RPM is now an official
> > part of the Red Hat distribution.  It means that it is a Red Hat Package
> > Manager file.
>Right.  It's not an official part of the Red Hat distribution.  But it
>*is* conveniently installable by the "rpm" tool, or any other tool used
>to install Red Hat Package Manager packages.

If I make a tar.gz, it is conveniently installable by the GNU "tar" tool, 
or any other tool used to install tar.gz files.  :-)

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