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Re: /usr/share/vim/vim58/syntax/dtd.vim has errors

At 11:24 31-8-2001, Don Sharp wrote:
>While editing the file indicated below I got the following message from
>vi running in an rxvt.
>"mis.xml" [noeol][dos] 201L, 6121C
>Error detected while processing /usr/share/vim/vim58/syntax/dtd.vim:
>line   31:
>Not an editor command:   finish
>line   35:
>Trailing characters: cpo&vim
>line  162:
>Undefined variable: s:dtd_cpo_save
>Invalid expression:  s:dtd_cpo_save
>line  163:
>No such variable: "s:dtd_cpo_save"
>My cygwin is up to date as of yesterday.

Looks to me like your update of vim failed, probably because you were 
running vi at the time of installation.  (Don't do that!  :-) )
         vi --version
to see which version of vim you're really running.  If it's not 5.8, re-run 
Cygwin setup.exe and reinstall vim.

   - Michael

     I always wondered about the meaning of life.   So I looked it
     up in the dictionary under "L" and there it was - the meaning
     of life.  It was not what I expected.                  - Dogbert 

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