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Why is the file created via "cmd /c echo.>1" reported by "ls -l" as owned by Administrator and group None?

Dear Cygwinners,

If I do this in a Dos, prompt:


and this in the same directory in a Bash prompt:


the files do not have the same owner/group/permissions:

    Fri 31/08/2001 11:39:43.28 D:\temp>echo.>1

    Fri 31/08/2001 11:50:22.90 D:\temp>bash
    Fri Aug 31-11:50:25 /tmp 501$ echo>2
    Fri Aug 31-11:50:27 /tmp 502$ ls -l ?
    -rw-r--r--    1 boekhoff Administ        2 Aug 31 11:50 1
    -rwxrwxrwx    1 Administ Domain U        2 Aug 31 11:50 2
    Fri Aug 31-11:50:31 /tmp 503$

How can I keep the permissions/owner/group consistent?

I guess I am really curious as to why NT doesn't create the file

I am logged in as a user, although that user is one of the
Administrators of the machine (i.e. in the "Administrators" group).

It seems to be that files are created as owned by administrator + some
random group if you are in the Administrators group yourself, correct?

I use:

    "mkpasswd -l -d -g -p /f >/etc/passwd" and change the home directory


    "mkgroup  -l -d -u       >/etc/group"


P.S. I have discovered that I *can* keep the permissions consistent by:

        1. Start DOS prompt.
        2. Start bash.
        3. Start another DOS prompt.

    This appears to sort of work, as the following output shows. However
    it doesn't feel right - starting all those shells and anyway it
    still hasn't got the group right:

        Fri Aug 31-11:50:31 /tmp 503$ cmd /p
        Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM)
        (C) Copyright 1985-1996 Microsoft Corp.

        Fri 31/08/2001 11:51:18.84 D:\temp>echo.>3

        Fri 31/08/2001 11:51:23.16 D:\temp>ls -l ?
        -rw-r--r--    1 boekhoff Administ        2 Aug 31 11:50 1
        -rwxrwxrwx    1 Administ Domain U        2 Aug 31 11:50 2
        -rwxrwxrwx    1 boekhoff Domain U        2 Aug 31 11:51 3

O.K. Maybe one day I'll get round to starting Bash first, as the main
shell, but I'll need to convert my Dos startup script with all my
environment variable settings.


Here's the `cygcheck --sysinfo` stuff:

cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 1005

Cygnus Win95/NT Configuration Diagnostics
Current System Time: Fri Aug 31 11:55:18 2001

WinNT Ver 4.0 build 1381 Service Pack 4

Path:   .
        /d/program files/microsoft debugging tools/bin
        /c/program files/microsoft visual studio/common/msdev98/bin
        /c/program files/microsoft visual studio/vc98/bin
        /c/program files/microsoft visual studio/common/tools/winnt
        /c/program files/microsoft visual studio/common/tools
        /c/program files/microsoft visual studio/vss/win32
        /c/program files/windows nt/accessories
        /c/program files/winzip

SysDir: C:\WINNT\System32
WinDir: C:\WINNT

CYGWIN = `ntsec case:ignorecase title nostrip_title glob'
HOME = `/e/mcb/act'
MAKE_MODE = `unix'
PWD = `/tmp'

Use `-r' to scan registry

a:  fd           N/A    N/A
c:  hd  NTFS    2047Mb  65% CP CS UN PA FC
d:  hd  NTFS    6902Mb  87% CP CS UN PA FC
e:  hd  NTFS     588Mb  78% CP CS UN PA FC
f:  cd           N/A    N/A
p:  net NTFS    8675Mb  83% CP CS UN PA FC     Documents

d:\cygwin\bin\strace.exe  /bin/strace.exe  system  binmode,exec
d:\cygwin\bin\strace.exe  /usr/bin/strace.exe  system  binmode,exec
d:\cygwin\bin  /usr/bin  system  textmode
d:\cygwin\lib  /usr/lib  system  textmode
d:\cygwin  /        system  textmode
d:\temp  /tmp     system  textmode
\\.\a:  /dev/floppy  system  binmode
\\.\f:  /dev/cdrom  system  binmode
d:\zip  /zip     system  textmode
c:    /c       user    textmode,noumount
d:    /d       user    textmode,noumount
e:    /e       user    textmode,noumount
p:    /p       user    textmode,noumount

Found: d:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\cat.exe
Found: d:\bin\nt\cat.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\cpp.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\find.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\gcc.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\gdb.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\ld.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe
Found: d:\bin\nt\ls.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\make.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe

   56k 2000/12/03 d:\cygwin\bin\cygbz21.0.dll
   45k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygform5.dll
   18k 2000/10/23 d:\cygwin\bin\cyggdbm.dll
   17k 2001/06/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cyghistory4.dll
   21k 2001/06/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cyghistory5.dll
   21k 2001/06/20 d:\cygwin\bin\cygintl.dll
   81k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygitcl30.dll
   35k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygitk30.dll
   45k 2001/07/04 d:\cygwin\bin\cygjbig1.dll
  119k 2001/06/06 d:\cygwin\bin\cygjpeg6b.dll
   26k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygmenu5.dll
  156k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygncurses++5.dll
  226k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygncurses5.dll
   15k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygpanel5.dll
  163k 2001/05/06 d:\cygwin\bin\cygpng2.dll
  108k 2001/06/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygreadline4.dll
  135k 2001/06/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygreadline5.dll
  390k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtcl80.dll
    5k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtclpip80.dll
   10k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtclreg80.dll
  245k 2001/06/12 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtiff3.dll
  623k 2001/04/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtk80.dll
   41k 2001/07/04 d:\cygwin\bin\cygXpm-noX4.dll
   45k 2001/07/04 d:\cygwin\bin\cygXpm-X4.dll
   49k 2001/02/03 d:\cygwin\bin\cygz.dll
  678k 2001/05/21 d:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll
    Cygwin DLL version info:
        dll major: 1003
        dll minor: 2
        dll epoch: 19
        dll bad signal mask: 19005
        dll old termios: 5
        dll malloc env: 28
        api major: 0
        api minor: 39
        shared data: 3
        dll identifier: cygwin1
        mount registry: 2
        cygnus registry name: Cygnus Solutions
        cygwin registry name: Cygwin
        program options name: Program Options
        cygwin mount registry name: mounts v2
        cygdrive flags: cygdrive flags
        cygdrive prefix: cygdrive prefix
        cygdrive default prefix:
        build date: Sun May 20 23:28:17 EDT 2001
        shared id: cygwin1S3

Use -h to see help about each section

Fri 31/08/2001 11:55:20.14 D:\temp>

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