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Re: soapbox - was: press for cygwin

I would like to thank the cygwin developers and contributors
once again for all their hard efforts and time.

Sometime in my life, I was taught "Never look a gift horse in
the mouth."  For those who don't know what that means, a
horse has teeth that are very revealing of its age.

In particular, I almost sent a letter to Harold for Test 46 and
picked up Test 47 the next day having the new, at least one
way, clipboard feature.  So, thanks Harold.

I've even had my ears burnt/boxed from sending Christopher
personal mail.  Unless you contribute or develop and are
sanctioned - that is a no, no.  Like I said, thanks.

I thought the exchange between Mark and the list went quite
well, actually, considering enlightenment of perspectives.

Thankfully lurking,

PS.  I haven't figured how to keep my mail resources from
writing stupid date formats and don't want to perpetuate them
by going to a list so, I guess I am lacking of something  - time?

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