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Re: Apache/cygwin shutdown problem


I CC'ed to cygwin@ instead, since Chris seems to dis-like the fact
that we keep this thread in cygwin-apps@.

Sami Tikka wrote:

> I've now discovered that my failure to shut down Apache has nothing to
> do with the cygwin version. I have produced two Apache configuration
> files. Start Apache with ok.conf and you can shut it down. Start Apache
> with failure.conf and the processes just hang on, never exiting and I
> have to use Task Manager to kill them.
> To repro:
> tar zxf apache_1.3.22.tar.gz
> cd apache_1.3.22
> ./configure --prefix=/test && make && make install
> # Copy ok.conf and failure.conf to /test/conf
> /test/bin/httpd -f /test/conf/ok.conf
> sleep 10
> kill -TERM $(cat ../logs/
> # All Apache processes shut down
> /test/bin/httpd -f /test/conf/failure.conf
> sleep 10
> kill -TERM $(cat ../logs/
> # Apache processes fail to exit
> The only difference is that the failing configuration is set up to
> listen to both ports 80 and 8080.
> I'm running an up-to-date Cygwin 1.3.6 on Windows 2000 Professional.
> Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I'd really like to have
> the same Apache listen to both 80 and 8080 instead of running two Apaches.

Unfortunatly, I can confirm this now on my own setup :((

seems to give us more hints here, I'm investigating and comming back
if I get some solution.

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