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Re: duplicate regexec/regcomp functions detected

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 03:24:49PM +0100, Ralf Habacker wrote:
>After thinking about this problem a while I had an idea how to solve
>such problems instead of using simple links from libcygwin.a to
>libpthread.a and other.  The idea was to use the cygwin1.dll as used
>currently, but to build only several import libs (!) for special libs
>like libpthread and may me libm and libc.

Yes.  I had misgivings about this idea when you first mentioned it but
on reflection, I really think that this is a very good idea and, so,
have implemented it.  The change is in CVS, as I've mentioned.  As I
mentioned, I used roughly your technique to accomplish this goal.

>The task for doing so (for libpthread) is to look which functions of
>the pthread library are exported (decribed in pthread.h and relating
>headers, but I think it is only the one).  This is done by scanning
>pthread.o with nm for every exported symbol.  (The consequence for this
>is, that only this symbols are has to be exported)
>Then search cygdll.a after those symbols and extract only the relevant
>d000xxx.o from cygdll.a to a newly created import library named
>libpthread.a or other revelant name.

And, here is where I don't understand your confusion.  You don't need to
search cygdll.a.  You already have a text file available to you which
contains all of the exports from the cygwin DLL -- cygwin.def.

I was suggesting that you could use this.

I guess if this still isn't clear we'll just have to move on since it's
already implemented.


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