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setup.exe splash screen - mini-competition

Firstly, the only prize is seeing your work used.

We need an adaptation, or new creation, for the Cygwin Net Release
setup.exe. Gary has been following MS user interface guidelines in his
reworking of the windowing code, and we now have a wonderful white
rectangle on the splash screen.

I'm looking for a graphic, 96 px wide, 179 px high (or thereabouts) to
replace that rectangle. (I've uploaded a snapshot with Gary's code,
which hasn't (quite) hit CVS yet) to

The key design criterion are:
1) Must be acceptable to cgf :].
2) Must be related to, in an easily interpretable fashion, the Cygwin
net release project.
3) Look 'good' on the splash screen (256 Colour mode included :]).
4) Compress into the .exe really really well. (setup.exe needs to stay
5) Compile correctly with the current net release windres.
6) It must be licenced for use under the GPL as all setup.exe code is.

Something interesting and humorous is probably best.

If nothing comes up before we release the next setup version (hopefully
soon), then the rectangle will be hidden, but can be reinstated in the

I think it would be great to have something eye catching - this is the
first bit of the cygwin project folk see on their own computer.


P.S. I haven't run this past Chris yet, so Chris - feel free to jump in
and alter this proposal :].

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