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id / mkpasswd


I've installed cygwin on W2K.
My account is not local, so I've added it with
`mkpasswd -u <username> -d <domain> >> /etc/passwd`
This seems to work well : it adds the line
with a user id of 109369 (=0x1AB39)
The first time I launched a bash, "I have no name!"
(not exactly what I expected)
So...  What does the id command print ??
-> an uid of 43833 (Now you understand why
I wrote the previous id in hexa) The hex
value of 43833 is 0xAB39... 

I've corrected my /etc/passwd replace the
uid by its [short] version -> works well,
but... It doesn't seem to be a normal behavior !?

Is this already known ? Has someone an explanation ? 
Is it just a storage prb of the user id or is it
mkpasswd that does not properly deal with the sid ?
Did I simply make a mistake ??


David Sannier

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