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Re: announcements trapped by anti-viral filter

"Stoddard, Isaac A" wrote:
> Folks,
> Our corporate anti-viral filters traps cygwin-announce now. Someone has
> decided that (imagine the punctuation) "setup dot exe" is a potential virus
> vector and all list-mailed messages containing it as a character string are
> automatically blocked. Hence, I can no longer receive cygwin-announce.
> Our filters can't be the only ones blocking you guys (and other good folks'
> news) from reaching us. Would someone at your site be
> interested/able/willing to change the standard announcement text to avoid
> mentioning that executable?

Quality anti-viral filters should only block ATTACHEMENTS named "something dot 
exe" not just the mention of it.  My suggestion is to get a new anti-virus 
program or ask your anti-virus admin to be less strident about blocking 
text-only messages.  This is almost certainly a "stupid admin" trick, not a 
default setting in your anti-virus (or more likely firewall) config.


John Peacock
Director of Information Research and Technology
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4720 Boston Way
Lanham, MD 20706
301-459-3366 x.5010
fax 301-429-5747

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