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Re: MIT Kfw SDK w/ Cygwin? Trying to build OpenSSH w/ GSS-API on Cygwin...

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> Ah, yes, this is what I was hoping for.
> What I have, so far, links, and the resulting ssh.exe even runs, but
> then it crashes, around the code that calls GSS-API. I'm trying to trace
> it with gdb now.

This could be a windows calling convention problem. The krb5 gssapi uses
the stdcall, but the cygwin might be using the C calling convention. 
We ran into this with a different gssapi, and have a DLL to convert from one
to another. I will send you a copy of this via seperate mail.

> Also, Kfw should have no need to access stdio, another way in which
> cygwin1.dll and msvcrt.dll could interact badly - OpenSSH w/ GSS does
> not need krb5_read_password() or krb5_get_init_creds_password() and the
> posix prompter function.
> Nico
> On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 03:00:32PM -0500, Danilo Almeida wrote:
> > Nico,
> >
> > Mixing CRTs can work.  It depends on whether the code in question does not
> > expose CRT APIs.  In general, krb5 tends to be pretty good about it...or at
> > least, I have tried to clean up some of the problems in that area.  (On
> > Windows, you might have a krb5 dll using the debug CRT while the app uses a
> > non-debug CRT.)
> >
> > If the OpenSSH code is misusing the gssapi (i.e., using free directly
> > instead of calling apropriate gssapi routines), then you'll have problems.
> > Otherwise, I tend to think that you should generally be ok.  The KfW code
> > will use MSVCRT while the OpenSSH code uses cygwin.  Since each is
> > encapsulated in separate DLLs, they can call same-name CRT functions from
> > different DLLs w/o any problems.  Again, the problem happens if MSVCRT
> > allocated memory (opens a file, whatever) and cygwin tries to deallocate (or
> > use the file handle opened by MSVCRT, etc).  That should not happen with
> > well-designed APIs that do not use CRT abstractions in the API.
> >
> > - Danilio
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