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talk,rxvt and tftp


	While using talk with rxvt terminals, the message informing you 
about the incoming talk connection is not displayed at all, but if you type 
talk in response, the connection is established. This behaviour does not 
occur in a console window. It seems that who reports me as being 
logged on to the wrong terminal if im using rxvt.

kiran    tty0     Jan  4 03:51

'tty' in the same rxvt window gives the correct terminal :


I have a hunch that the messages are being sent to the wrong terminal
(tty0) and so are lost. Could this be the hidden console ?

Also, i have a problem getting the tftpd working. For some reason, though
telnet, ftp, ssh, talk (with caveats) etc work, tftpd doesnt work. could this 
have anything to with other boot servers on the network ?

here's the corresponding line in /etc/inetd.conf :

tftp  dgram   udp     wait    nobody  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd in.tftpd /home/kiran/docs

I have the latest version of inetutils and practically everything else (downloaded
with setup.exe) running on Win98SE

Kiran Prakash

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